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Yabu's arm muscle


Posted [sticky post] on 2014.09.13 at 23:43
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Ah,doumo. This is my first time using a livejournal, and the purpose I make this Lj is because I want to write many fics with Yabu Kota as the lead and let people read it. So to everyone that like Yabu please add me as friend. I'll be glad if u add me. Btw, my name is Aka. So yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Yabu's arm muscle

Fics Requests

Posted on 2014.10.20 at 17:42
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My exam is coming soon and I haven't write any fic yet, so I want to take request since my head is kind of blank ヽ(*´Д`*)ノ Juz comment or send me message if you want me to make a fic for you, give the descriptions but I won't take request of Nc-17.
*P/s: I'll take requests if the main character is Yabu (gomen (*^^*) )

Yabu's arm muscle

Yabu's new fic

Posted on 2014.09.14 at 01:03
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I've write a fic with Yabu as the lead,also Hikaru but only 1/4 of it. Well,the genre is either friendship or enemy but I didn't decide it yet. btw I luv to read yabuhika fic with yaoi genre but to write it, I can't.dunno why... so I should finish my assignments and then I can post a fic XD